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For Parents

What is Family Day Care (FDC)?

Family Day Care is a natural child care choice for children aged birth to 13 years in a family home environment. Children have fun, grow and develop through their engagement in play based learning. As family day care caters for smaller groups of children, each day can provide the flexibility and spontaneity that young children need whilst also offering the planning and thoughtfulness that occurs when one consistent educator knows your child well.

Benefits for children

What can Family Day Care offer my child?
Family Day Care provides a nurturing, safe family environment in which your child’s discovery and learning is supported by:

  • being cared for and educated by a registered and qualified educator personally selected by you
  • programmed and spontaneous play experiences that cater for your child’s individual needs and interest
  • socialising in a small mixed age group (siblings can be together)
  • flexible routines that can be adapted to meet your child’s needs
  • continuity of care that encourages the building of long term relationships
  • the opportunity to be involved in the local community through child focussed excursions
  • having an educator who is part of a national network of education and care professionals
  • greater opportunities for open communications and daily conversations between parents and educators

Who can use Family Day Care?
All families can use Family Day Care. It is a service that can meet your family and child care needs for:

  • work, study or respite
  • part-time, full time care
  • before and after school care
  • vacation care
  • weekend, over night and out of normal hours care

Who Provides Family Day Care? 
Each family day care educator operating their own unique business:

  • is qualified, has been registered and receives ongoing training, support and resources from qualified and experienced family day care co-ordination unit staff
  • operates under and complies with the Education and Care Services National Law and Regulations (WA) to provide quality child care in their own home environment. For more information go to Department for Local Government and Communities
  • is assessed and rated against the National Quality Standards. For more information go to ACECQA
  • offers a play based learning program and environment in accordance with the Early Years Learning Framework or Framework for School Age Care
  • has been selected for the skills and qualities they possess and which are important in caring for children
  • reflects the diversity of their local community
  • is guided by and follows the philosophy, policies and procedures of their family day care service

Child Care Fees

What does Family Day Care cost?
Educators operate their own individual family day care business as registered members of a service and are self employed, therefore educators’ fees (approved by the service) vary. Family day care services may also charge a fee for enrolled children. The Commonwealth Government assists families with child care costs through Child Care Subsidy (CCS). More information and to assess your eligibility please contact the Family Assistance Line on 13 61 50 or visit the Department of Human Services

Assistance with child care fees

Child Care Subsidy helps cover the cost of child care in Family Day Care. You may be able to claim Child Care Subsidy if:

  • you use approved or registered care
  • you are responsible for paying the child-care fees
  • your child is immunised (or on an immunisation catch-up schedule) or is exempt from having to be immunised
  • you meet the residency requirements, and
  • you meet the income test.

The amount of Child Care Subsidy you can get depends on the amount and type of care you use, your family’s income, the number of children you have in care, and whether you meet the ‘work, training, study test’ (or an exemption applies).

Finding Family Day Care in my area

How do I find a Family Day Care educator in my area?
Family Day Care operates throughout the metropolitan and rural areas of Western Australia and family day care services are not restricted to set suburbs /areas, so you may choose to contact more than one service.

When you contact the co-ordination unit, staff will discuss your child care needs and assist you to find the care arrangement most suitable for you and your child. To locate the family day care services in your area click here: FDC Services

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