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Family Day Care is a natural child care choice for children aged birth to 13 years in a family home environment. Children have fun, grow and develop through their engagement in play based learning. As Family Day Care caters for smaller groups of children, each day can provide the flexibility and spontaneity that young children need whilst also offering the planning and thoughtfulness that occurs when one consistent educator knows your child well.

FDCWA members comprise of representatives from several FDC services in Western Australia. This organisation is a member based not-for-profit organisation that works on behalf of its members and the Family Day Care community by providing professional support and promotion of Family Day Care within Western Australia.

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admin 30th Jul, 20

Excellence In Family Day Care

Nominations are now open! Family ...

admin 12th May, 20

Update on what FDCWA has been busy with during COVID-19

We thought we would take this opportunity to provide an update on what FDCWA has been busy with ...

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