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National Quality Framework

The National Quality Framework includes:

  • a national legislative framework that consists of the Education and Care Services National Law and Education and Care Services National Regulations
  • a National Quality Standard
  • an assessment and rating system
  • a regulatory authority in each state and territory that has primary responsibility for the approval, monitoring and quality assessment of services in their jurisdiction in accordance with the national legislative framework and in relation to the National Quality Standard
  • the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA)
  • The National Quality Framework sets a new National Quality Standard for early childhood education and care and outside school hours care services in Australia. The Framework covers long day care, family day care, outside school hours care and preschools.
  • The National Quality Standard has introduced significant changes by improving quality through:
  • improved educator to child ratios to ensure each child receives more individual care and attention
  • new educator qualification requirements to ensure educators have the skills to help children learn and develop
  • a new quality rating system to ensure Australian families have access to transparent information relating to the quality of children’s education and care services
  • the establishment of ACECQA, the national body to ensure children’s education and care is of a high quality

The National Quality Standard is linked to national learning frameworks which recognise that children learn from birth. Combined, these frameworks outline fundamental components to inform and guide educators in the delivery of nationally consistent and high quality experiences and programs across Australia.

An early years curriculum or learning framework is defined as a set of principles and practices to guide those working with young children. The Early Years Learning Framework – “Belonging, Being and Becoming” and Framework for School Age Care – “My Time Our Place” are essential resources for services implementing the National Quality Standard.

Further information and resources are available on the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) website.

In Western Australia the Department for Local Government and Communities is responsible for the Education and Care Regulatory Unit. The Education and Care Services National Law (WA) Act 2012 and Education and Care Services National Regulations 2012 are available on the Education and Care Regulatory Unit website.

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